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Random Generation

Lotto is game that anyone can play. There is no skill required, nor does Lotto discriminate against any players. Lotto is an attractive option for people from all backgrounds and all classes because of the completely random chance to win a great big stack of cash.

While there are several varieties of Lotto that can be found all around the world, the object of the game is the same. For example, if you are playing in a game of “6 from 42”, that means there are 42 total balls and 6 are chosen for the jackpot winner. To be certified a fair drawing, the numbers must be chosen completely at random.

To choose the numbers has been done different ways throughout the history of Lotto. Traditionally there were wire cages with the numbers or hoppers that mixed up the balls thoroughly before they would release a numbered ball randomly. To protect the integrity of a game, especially one like Lotto, the assurance of randomly selected numbers is vital.

As the Lotto has moved to the internet a new technology has been introduced. A Random Number Generator, also called a RNG, is the latest technology to completely randomize the numbers chosen from a series. RNGs are now in the brick and mortar casinos and used for all kinds of games including slots and video poker. A RNG is a program that’s sole job is to achieve complete randomness every single time that it is initiated.

In addition to using these RNG programs to “virtually” draw the numbers, there is another application for Lotto players. As a participant in the Lotto, you need to decide which lucky numbers to choose for the jackpot. I guess most people choose numbers that mean something to them like their birthday or their anniversary. However, there are also RNG to help you select numbers for the Lotto. That’s right; these programs will ask which Lotto you are playing and then spit out your randomly generated numbers for you.

The RNG programs are all over the casino and Lotto these days. They are considered to be reliable and a “best practice” in the efforts to keep the game completely honest. Numbers that are chosen by no external influences are those truly random numbers that we need to ensure a fair game. Feel confident that the Lotto games using RNG technology are producing a fair and honest game for its participants.