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Lotto, Keno, Slots

If you like to play games but don’t enjoy all of the complicated gestures and bluffing that some of them require, then you may enjoy the Lotto. Lotto is one game that has been played in its ancient form all over the world since the beginning of recorded history! Lotto now is better than it has ever been thanks to the enormous jackpots and convenience that modernity has brought.

While there are several Lotto games with some variations, the idea is the same behind all versions. There are a series of numbers, traditionally written on balls, and then you must guess which numbers you think will be drawn. One version of Lotto is 6/42, which means out of 42 numbers, you want to guess 6 correct for the jackpot. If you guess 3, 4, or 5 numbers correctly, then you are still a winner.

Lotto is played in many countries all over the world, and in individual states. Now, the game has moved to the Internet and with more people playing, the jackpots are even bigger. You get to choose your numbers and people have methods of their own to decide the lucky numbers. You can use numbers that reflect important dates, favorite athletes numbers, or your kid’s age, just for example. Random number generators are available to choose the number for you if you are fresh out of ideas.

Keno is another game of luck that is very similar to Lotto. In Keno some things are a bit more standardized. While the amount of numbered balls changes in different Lotto games, Keno has 80 balls. There are 20 numbered balls drawn to determine the winning tickets. Like Lotto, you are paid in Keno for matching your numbers to the balls chosen by the caller.

Marking keno tickets is a bit more involved than anything you need to do in Lotto. There are several ways for a player to make a bet on the keno ticket and it may cost anywhere from $1, for making one “four-spot” bet, or $7 for placing multiple bets on a combination ticket. Keno is very similar to Lotto in many ways and is now gaining momentum again after its rebirth online.

Slots are bright, flashy and very easy to learn. They have always had no problem gaining loyal followers both in the casino and online because they are easy and there is a great potential for jackpot winnings. The variety in slots games is hard to beat. The themes are constantly changing to keep interests piqued. You can choose how complicated you want the game to be with a variety of reels and pay lines.

Progressive slot games are special slots that offer an additional jackpot for winners. If you choose to play a progressive slot game, and you choose to play the “multiple coins” necessary to enter you into the running for the progressive jackpot, then you are on the road to big cash. There are times when this progressive jackpot can reach millions of dollars.

The similarities between these games are many. Lotto, Keno and slots are all easy to learn and are totally random. There is not very much that anyone could do to change the outcome of the game, unlike casino table games. If you are looking for your lucky payday, then these are the games to try.