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Lotto Games

When playing lotto the player must choose numbers in the hope that they will match the winning numbers drawn in order to take the jackpot. There are many varieties of Lotto to choose from as it is played all over the world for generations. For most of the history of Lotto, players were restricted to the Lotto available in their location. However, thanks to the great convenience and reach of the Internet, Lotto games are now without borders! If you are ready to get involved in other versions of Lotto, then you should be aware of some of the great Lotto games that are favorites of different regions in the world.


In Canada, the national Lotto played is referred to as 6/49. This means that out of 49 possible numbers, you should choose 6 to try and match. There is chance to purchase a “bonus number” for players of 6/49. In the case that you should be so lucky as to correctly guess all 6 numbers and the bonus number on top of that, you could be awarded up to 1,000,000 just for your bonus! For this Lotto game you may choose the numbers in any order you like. The tickets used to cost $1 each, but moved to $2 in 2004.

The biggest jackpot winner in Canadian history was in 2005 for $54.3 million. Stories of how that jackpot jumped from its previous $40 million to $54.3 million tell of all the eager Lotto players running out to buy tickets until, as the story goes, 2 out of every 3 adults had bought a Lotto ticket.

The Philippines

In 1995 a TV show from the Philippines made the popular Lotto Draw available to everyone in the country. The goal here is to choose 6 numbers from 42. The order that the winning numbers are revealed is not important. To win, you must choose 3, 4, 5 or 6 matching numbers, and if you do choose all 6 correctly, then you are a true jackpot winner. To odds of correctly matching all 6 numbers is 1 in 5,245,786.

The TV show in The Philippines uses numbered balls and a machine that blows the balls in a stream of air in order to mechanically mix them about. It is always vital to Lotto that the numbers be chosen randomly and the process is honest. For the 6/42 Lotto Drawing in The Philippines, there is a inspection team that checks for security breached before the balls are loaded into the machine.

People of all backgrounds and in every corner of the globe are enthralled at the chance to win a life-changing jackpot that the Lotto offers.

United States of America

As are many things in the USA, the Lotto is broken into state’s jurisdictions. That means that there are different kinds of Lotto games and a wider variety of possible jackpot winnings. Some of the best jackpots are won in the bigger states of course, like California, New York and Texas.

Powerball is an exception to these individual state lotteries. It includes multiple states in this lottery and the jackpot is collected from those participating players across the country. Choose 5 numbers correctly from 59 to be the jackpot winner. There is a bonus number also drawn in this game, it is the “Powerball”. A record win in 2006 totaled over $365 million and there were eight people who shared that winning ticket.

Online Lotto

Crossing all borders and putting enormous convenience into your hands, online Lotto is finally here. There are several ways that this is done. The most common way is to use the abilities of the internet to buy your tickets and pay for them online. These Lotto games are the same that have long been established and others are playing with physical tickets and by standing in lines. Online Lotto sites give you a list of the Lotto games you are eligible to participate in and how to get your piece of that pie!

The options and variety of Lotto is evidence of how long it has been popular with people from all over the world. It is easy to find one to try out and the internet has made it even easier. Check out the jackpot totals, the numbers you need to choose, how many people are playing and all kinds of useful details that can help you make great decisions.