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Lotto Picks, Inc. is a two men company founded in 1976 by John  C. Watchus. He has spent most of his career developing and managing data processing systems and data warehouse for large corporations. He worked with the team and software vendors such as IBM, Oracle and Microsoft for more than ten years. In recent years, he has been an independent consultant, working on the smaller database such as mysql, designing the math model and database applications for a variety of companies.

In 2005, John, a social bridge player and a BIG Lottery fan, recognized the need for a computer program to enable the building and maintaining of a professional database with information about winning lottery numbers. This would make possible the entering, annotating and classifying data about all historical data and find the relationship between the logical and random. He created the first version of The Lotto game simulation and showed it to several authorities in the lottery world. The reception was very enthusiastic and led to additions and modifications, further being a Flash lotto game and free play on the web.

On Lotto Tomorrow site, you would be find the first version of Flash lotto games, and you can play them for free.

John enjoys talking with his visitors and customers, discussing with them on the database, game and math problems, and trying to help. Any questions, comments? Contact him using the following form.

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