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Free Lotto

Lotto is a very simple game to learn how to play and has been enjoyed all across the globe, in different forms, for hundreds of years! If you live in a country or state that has a lotto drawing, then it is hard to miss the buzz that surrounds a multimillion-dollar jackpot drawing.

Lotto is a game where players by “lots”, or numbers. Traditionally, you will buy a ticket where you choose your numbers, mark them and have them verified by an official Lotto seller. Then the waiting and wishing begins as the big day draws near.

Your goal is to match all the numbers that are drawn. There are several varieties of Lotto out there, but their principle is the same. If the Lotto game is 6/49, that means there are 49 balls and 6 will be drawn. A special machine is used to randomly select the winning lotto balls, and reveals them one at a time. The order of the balls and the order of your numbers chosen may matter or may no be important, depending on the Lotto you are playing. The goal is to match as many numbers as possible.

If you match all 6 numbers, then you win the jackpot! In some games there is a bonus number too for an additional money prize, which can be as much as $500,000. If you are lucky enough to get all 6 numbers and the bonus number, you are the celebrated hero of the week in most countries.

If no one wins the jackpot, then the money is rolled over into the next drawing. This can cause the jackpot to crawl to tens of millions and then you see everybody lining up to take a crack at improving their fate by winning the Lotto. If two people happen to be so lucky to both guess all the numbers correctly, then they will split the jackpot.

But what about if you guess only a few numbers on your Lotto ticket? Most people who play the lotto aren’t so lucky as to match all the numbers. However, there is still a great incentive. There are money prizes for tickets that match 3, 4 or 5 numbers correctly too. This is much more likely to happen and, while it is not the million-dollar jackpot, it is a great payday.

There is even another extra incentive to play Lotto now. We are having a special drawing for the first 500 players who enter will be eligible to win $500! This prize is immediate and ripe for the picking. All you have to do is come in and play to be eligible for $500 prize.

There are many kinds of Lotto to play. The most common variations you will see is the number of balls in the drawing and the number of balls you need to match. If the game is 6/42, then that would mean there are 42 balls and 6 will be drawn for the jackpot. Lotto is played all over the world and, while there are some small differences, the goal is all the same.

Lotto is simple to play and can change your life if you win. For generations it has been played in civic centers, local pubs, and now whole states and even countries. The larger the population invited to play, the more astronomical the jackpot becomes. That is why there is a new movement to play online Lotto. With people from all over the world invited to play in a single game, the jackpot is bigger than ever before.